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爱游戏app下载ios-黑石集团的下一个中国目标 清华奖学金

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本文摘要:Many Blackstone executives worked grueling seven-day weeks for a month to put together last Friday’s $23 billion acquisition of mortgages and office buildings from General Electric. But Blackstone’s chief executive says he has been spendin


Many Blackstone executives worked grueling seven-day weeks for a month to put together last Friday’s $23 billion acquisition of mortgages and office buildings from General Electric. But Blackstone’s chief executive says he has been spending twice as much of his time on an entirely different project: the scholarship fund he started at a top Beijing university.这一个月来,黑石集团(Blackstone)的很多高管每周七天地艰难工作,为上周五耗资230亿美元(约合1400亿元人民币)并购通用电气公司(General Electric,全称GE)的抵押贷款和写字楼做到打算。但黑石集团的首席执行官说道,他在一个截然不同的项目上花的时间是这个的两倍,那就是他在北京一所顶级大学成立的奖学金。Stephen A. Schwarzman, Blackstone’s chairman, chief executive and co-founder, said that he had been immersed in a welter of details for his Schwarzman Scholars program at Tsinghua University, for which applications became available online Wednesday morning. All the while, he was advising his staff members on crucial decisions as they analyzed a complex montage of mortgages and equity stakes in G.E. buildings around the world.黑石集团董事长、首席执行官以及牵头创始人苏世民(Stephen A. Schwarzman)说道,他仍然沉浸于在清华大学苏世民奖学金(Schwarzman Scholars)项目的细节中,这个项目于周三上午开始拒绝接受在线申请人。

与此同时,他的辖下在分析GE在世界各地的建筑物的简单抵押贷款和股权,如果必须做到一些关键要求,他也不会向他们获取建议。“G.E. was easy for me; it was hard for everybody else,” he said. “It was 110 percent of their time for these weeks; for me, it was 5.”“对于GE的事情,我的这部分很更容易,其他人的很难,”他说道。“这几周他们投放了110%的时间;而我只投放了5%的时间。”By now, real estate transactions were practically second nature to Mr. Schwarzman. He has been making real estate investment decisions practically every week at Blackstone since 1993 and had a process in place at the company to provide him with the information he needed for each of them. He typically starts his day every morning at 6 and finishes at midnight.时至今日,房地产交易完全早已出了苏世民的第二天性。


That allows him ample time, he said, to run Blackstone, the world’s most profitable money management company for the last two years, and also oversee the minutiae of starting a scholarship program 12 time zones away in China.他说道,因此他有充足的时间来经营黑石集团,并顾及一个奖学金项目的细枝末节;这个项目在12个时区之外的中国积极开展,而过去两年里,黑石是全球最赚的资金管理公司。Mr. Schwarzman estimated that he had been spending about 10 percent of his time on the Schwarzman Scholars program, for which he has already raised $333 million, including $100 million of his own money. He plans to announce shortly that he is raising his target for the overall scholarship fund to $400 million, and he believes he can reach that target next year, he said.苏世民估算自己的时间有10%用在了奖学金项目上。他早已为该项目筹措了3.33亿美元(约合人民币20亿元),其中有1亿美元是他自己的钱。

他计划旋即后宣告自己要将整个奖学金基金的目标提升到4亿美元,他说道,自己很有可能明年就能构建这个目标。“We’re not chasing a rainbow; we’re chasing an overhead structure,” he said.“我们追赶的东西不像彩虹那么很远,就在我们头上,”他说道。The program was a labor of love for Mr. Schwarzman and underscores the tremendous importance of China and its market to Wall Street financiers and corporate leaders.苏世民计报酬地积极开展这个项目,表明了中国及其市场对华尔街的金融家和企业领导者的重大意义。

Although the construction of a college at Tsinghua to house scholars and provide meeting rooms for the yearlong graduate program has proceeded on schedule and on budget, other aspects of the program have proved more expensive than expected, Mr. Schwarzman said. Extra costs have involved areas like providing medical insurance for scholars and faculty members, recruiting and retaining visiting professors like Niall Ferguson of Harvard, and setting up internships and mentoring for scholars.这个研究生项目为期一年,清华大学正在修筑一个学院,以移往该项目的学生,并获取会议室。虽然施工在如期按支出地展开,但该项目其他方面的费用实质上都低于预期,苏世民说道。额外的费用牵涉到为学生和教师获取医疗保险,聘用和觅客座教授,比如哈佛大学的尼尔·弗格森(Niall Ferguson),并为学生获取进修和辅导机会。Gerard A. Postiglione, the director of Hong Kong University’s Wah Ching Center of Research on Education in China, said that philanthropists setting up large scholarship programs in China face difficult choices to keep their spending focused on academic pursuits.香港大学(University of Hong Kong)华正中国教育研究中心(Wah Ching Center of Research on Education in China)主任红杰瑞(Gerard A. Postiglione)说道,在中国成立大型奖学金项目的慈善家要想要把钱主要花上在学术上,不会面对着一些艰苦的自由选择。

“Foreign donor programs in China come along with many bureaucratic and financial hurdles,” he wrote in an email. “Making sure that the bulk of the donation is focused on the program objectives is always the main challenge.”“外国捐款项目在中国遇上了很多官僚主义和财务障碍,”他在一封电邮中写到。“要保证捐助主要用在项目的目标上,一直是个极大挑战。”During a 75-minute interview in a wood-paneled penthouse meeting room overlooking the Upper East Side at Blackstone’s headquarters on Park Avenue, Mr. Schwarzman spoke mainly about the scholars program, while discussing the G.E. deal more briefly. To call an assistant and request a folder on the scholarship program, he pulled out an old Nokia flip phone from the outer right pocket of his dark blue suit coat (he later explained that he had no desire to get a smartphone).在公园大道黑石集团总部顶楼一个可以眺望上东区、用木壁板装潢的会议室中,苏世民拒绝接受了75分钟宽的专访。

他讲的主要是这个奖学金项目,虽然也较为简短地辩论了GE的交易。他从深蓝色西装外套的右口袋拿著一部老掉牙的诺基亚翻盖手机,让助手当作一个文件夹,里面是这个奖学金项目的资料(后来他说明说道,他有意转用智能手机)。His aggressive promotion of Tsinghua University since announcing the scholarship program two years ago appears to have played a role in the greater international visibility lately of Tsinghua; in an annual ranking released last month of the world’s best universities by reputation, Tsinghua jumped to 26th, from 36th a year earlier.自从两年前宣告发售这个奖学金项目以来,他仍然十分大力地宣传清华大学;该校近来在国际上知名度进一步提高,他的宣传或许有些协助;在上个月发布的全球声誉最低的顶级大学年度名列中,清华从去年的第36位跃居至26位。

The yearlong Schwarzman Scholars master’s degree program has a selection process modeled partly on the Rhodes scholarships at Oxford University. Online applications will be initially screened by the Institute of International Education in New York, and 300 finalists will be brought in for interviews in New York, London, Beijing or Bangkok. Mr. Schwarzman said that he planned to participate in the interviews done in New York and London.苏世民学者硕士学位项目为期一年,其甄选过程部分参考了牛津大学的罗德奖学金(Rhodes scholarships)项目。纽约的国际教育协会(Institute of International Education)将对网上申请人展开可行性检验,300个入围者将在纽约、伦敦、北京和曼谷参与试镜。苏世民说道自己计划参与纽约和伦敦的试镜。

Mr. Schwarzman said that the finalist interviews would be scheduled so as not to coincide with the Rhodes Scholar selection interviews. Charles Conn, the chief executive of the Rhodes Trust and warden of Rhodes House at Oxford University, said in a telephone interview, “We work together not only with Steve’s program but also other programs to make sure we don’t put candidates in awkward positions.”苏世民说道,试镜在日期决定上不会防止与罗德奖学金的甄选试镜日期相冲突。罗德信托(Rhodes Trust)首席执行官、牛津大学罗德楼舍监查尔斯·康恩(Charles Conn)在拒绝接受电话专访时说,“我们不仅不会和史蒂夫的项目展开协商,还不会与其他项目协商,以保证不想候选人不解。”The Rhodes scholarships and Schwarzman Scholars programs have similar endowments and fund-raising goals. Which one is ahead in any given week depends mainly on the exchange rate of the pound, which has weakened lately against the dollar. The Rhodes Trust has about 200 million pounds, or $296 million, and has a fund-raising target of 250 million, Mr. Conn said.罗德奖学金和苏世民奖学金项目有类似于的捐献基金和筹款目标。

任何一周中,哪一个项目正处于领先主要各不相同英镑汇率,而英镑币值美元的汇率近来早已走弱。罗德信托目前享有约2亿英镑(约合人民币18亿元),筹款目标为2.5亿英镑,康恩说道。The Rhodes program announced last month that it was expanding to accept scholars from China.罗德奖学金项目上个月宣告,它将接管更加多来自中国的学生。

The logistical issues of setting up a program so far away have nonetheless been challenging, Mr. Schwarzman said, adding that his wife keeps asking him: “Why did you pick something half a globe away? Couldn’t you find something in the same time zone?”在如此很远的地方积极开展项目,统筹安排上终归是个挑战,苏世民说道妻子经常回答他:“为什么不会中选半个地球之外的地方?你就无法去找个同时区的吗?。